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Shut it down!

Interviewed on God’s Mac Podcast

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Gabe of the God’s Mac podcast. That episode is now available via their website or iTunes. Gabe and I chat about the tools I use for my graphic design work, the journey to my day job at a mega-church, as well as my t-shirt shop at [...]

Welcome Readers of Art of Manliness

If you’re visiting for the first time from the blog carnival (Manival) happening at Art of Manliness, then welcome to There aren’t a whole lot of articles yet on this blog so take a quick look, you might find something interesting or enlightening. I like to blog about entrepreneurship, parenting (from the perspective of [...]

Where did I go?

Friends, Thank you for coming back despite my horid blogging habits. It turns out that I suck at blogging. It doesn’t matter why I’ve missed posting, what does matter is how I plan on approaching this blog for the time being. I started this blog hoping to document my 12 week journey on the Body-For-Life [...]

Harder Than I Thought

No, Body For Life is not harder than I thought. It’s plenty hard, but I expected that. Blogging on a daily basis is hard as you can see from my sporadic Daily Recap postings. Day three through six are missing posts, I know. But I am keeping track and will post soon. Right now I [...]

Alow me to introduce…myself.

My name is Eric Granata and this is my first real attempt at a blog. This blog will not focus on my family, funny videos I saw or photos from the zoo. For that you can visit This purpose of this blog is to document my quest for a body that is strong, fit [...]