StopForwarding.Us at OpenBeta

Last Thursday I demoed StopForwarding.Us at OpenBeta, a technology “un-conference” held in Oklahoma City. The event drew a crowd of 120 designers, developers and entrepreneurs from the state of Oklahoma into one venue where they could share ideas, demo their projects and discuss future collaboration not to mention mingle. My demo drew many visitors with [...]

StopForwarding.Us: What I have learned.

About a year ago I was looking for a website that would let me politely and anonymously ask a coworker to stop forwarding political and religious email. Not finding one, I decided to create one. As with most of my personal projects, I decided to take a stab at monetizing the website. After all, if [...]

How Walmart and Nintendo Helped Me Get A Wii For Mother’s Day

Yesterday I bought a Wii for my wife. That’s right, she asked me to buy it for her. A few days before I made the purchase I gave Hannah a heads up about a series of purchases I was going to make to celebrate Mother’s Day and her birthday. Before I could get further, she [...]