Save Mad Money on Groceries with Grocio (coming soon)

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of seeing Gerald Buckley, founder of Grocio, speak about his experience building his web startup, Grocio at OpenBeta. While the talk was fantastic, I must admit I am more juiced about what his website actually does and how it will help my family and me get [...]

Start Cooking (and make it healthy)

Over the past few months, I have made a habit of preparing breakfast for the family on Saturday mornings. This has always included pancakes and, more recently, eggs, turkey bacon, toast and coffee has been added to the fare. When I first started making breakfast I used a boxed baking mix like Bisquick for the [...]

TrueLemon: A Soda Alternative

Tonight I was going through some old starred items in Google Reader and came across an article at Lifehacker about alternatives to soda. I’ve gotten a little nuts with the Diet Dr. Pepper lately so I gave it a read. There is nothing groundbreaking in the article but it did remind me of something worth [...]

You Call That Health Food?

Men’s Health has an enlightening article that profiles 12 different foods that many consider healthy. Unfortunately for me, I eat more than a few of these. Take pretzels for example: Pretzels The upside: One ounce has just 110 calories. The downside: These twisted low-fat snacks have one of the highest glycemic indexes of any food. [...]

8 Great Frozen Entrees

Sometimes it’s hard to get lunch packed in the morning. Yahoo Food offers a solution in the form of 8 Great Frozen Entrees. The only one of tehse that I have had is Amy’s Black Bean and Vegetable Enchiladas which are wicked good. I didn’t realize that they were a smart choice until now.