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Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

A few weeks ago my family packed up the mini-van for a trip to Florida. We spent hours upon hours on the road with our three young kids (ages 2, 3 and 4) in the back seats. The longest day of driving spanned 15 hours. There are some obvious tips for traveling with kids such [...]

7 Ways to Avoid Adding Housework

A few weeks ago a study was released and featured in this article that says husbands can add up to seven hours of housework to his wife’s workload each week. Despite my temptation to become defensive at such a notion, I have decided to write a post giving some ideas on how I and other men can reduce the amount of work they dump on their wives. The notion that I, possibly one of the worst offenders, would have the audacity to write such a post entertains my wife. I’m sure she is looking forward to reading this and seeing if I actually put any of it into practice.

Helping Others: Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask

Since becoming the parent of three overnight, I have realized that, if I want to be a good father and husband, I must become an expert of sorts in the field of parenting. I must become Eric Granata, Professional Parent. This has caused me to look out for audio books and other resources that I [...]