Save Mad Money on Groceries with Grocio (coming soon)

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of seeing Gerald Buckley, founder of Grocio, speak about his experience building his web startup, Grocio at OpenBeta. While the talk was fantastic, I must admit I am more juiced about what his website actually does and how it will help my family and me get [...]

StopForwarding.Us at OpenBeta

Last Thursday I demoed StopForwarding.Us at OpenBeta, a technology “un-conference” held in Oklahoma City. The event drew a crowd of 120 designers, developers and entrepreneurs from the state of Oklahoma into one venue where they could share ideas, demo their projects and discuss future collaboration not to mention mingle. My demo drew many visitors with [...]

StopForwarding.Us: What I have learned.

About a year ago I was looking for a website that would let me politely and anonymously ask a coworker to stop forwarding political and religious email. Not finding one, I decided to create one. As with most of my personal projects, I decided to take a stab at monetizing the website. After all, if [...]

Interviewed on God’s Mac Podcast

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Gabe of the God’s Mac podcast. That episode is now available via their website or iTunes. Gabe and I chat about the tools I use for my graphic design work, the journey to my day job at a mega-church, as well as my t-shirt shop at birddoctor.biz [...]


Since adopting, I’ve started to freelance again to help offset some of the new expenses. It’s been going well. I have no shortage of work to keep me busy. Unfortuneately work has come so quickly that I have not had time to update my portfolio site. Well, I’m happy to announce that tonight my new [...]


I am happy to announce the latest addition of websites that I build to put food in my kids’ mouths, buy a private island for Hannah and maybe, someday, put an iPod touch in my pocket. The website is called StopForwarding.Us and it exists to let people politely and anonymously email their friends who forward meaningless and [...]

The Business of Starting Websites

Collis Ta’eed of Eden (which runs PSDTuts and Freelance Switch, both of which I subscribe) recently made a post on PSDTuts explaining why they have started charging for premium content. The post provides a great glimpse at what it takes  to build and, if you’re lucky, run websites like these for fun and profit. Judging [...]

How To Make A Million Before You Turn 20 – Forbes.com

Here’s an inspirational look at how a few young people managed to make some mad scratch before drinking age (USA).  Most of these businesses rely on the internet and/or advertising revenue. All of them hit a niche and do it well. How To Make A Million Before You Turn 20 – Forbes.com

I *Heart* Johhny Chung Lee

Today I stumbled across the work of Johnny Chung Lee. Specifically his work on the Nintendo Wii remote projects. This guy has done some amazing stuff with his Wii including finger tracking (think Minority Report), interactive white boards and head tracking. You have got to watch the video for head tracking and what it means [...]

The Benefits of Failure

A few weeks ago I was quibbling to my dad about the failed state of a project I was working on. A couple days later he sent me the following email: I was cleaning out my e-mail and ran across this short story that I think is great. “Here’s a story I heard from Alexander [...]