Brain Health

Get smarter with Audio Footnote

I’m proud to announce that Audio Footnote is now available! Now you can finally record voice notes while listening to your audiobooks and podcasts on your iPhone or iPod Touch. My developers and I have some fantastic features planned for future releases of Audio Footnote so if you like it, please support us by leaving [...]

Lumosity Comes to the iPhone

I’ve been a long-time fan of Lumosity’s website features a suite of mind games that can be played quickly over your lunch break to keep your brain in tip-top shape. Now you can take Lumosity with you via your iPhone or iPod Touch. According to this article at Mashable, Lumosity has released Memory Matrix [...]

5 Peculiar Instruments

There is a great posting over at that showcases 5 very interesting instruments and includes sound clips of each. Of particular interest to me was the mention of a study that says playing the didgeridoo can help with snoring and sleep apnea. I used to play didgeridoo all the time but my interests shifted. [...]

The Benefits of Failure

A few weeks ago I was quibbling to my dad about the failed state of a project I was working on. A couple days later he sent me the following email: I was cleaning out my e-mail and ran across this short story that I think is great. “Here’s a story I heard from Alexander [...]

Brain Challenge Released for iPod

Gameloft has released Brain Challenge for iPods. Brain Challenge is a brain exercising game in the same category as the Nintendo DS franchise, Brain Age or Lumosity. The game makes a modest edition to your iPod’s game library at a little over 33mb. I purchased the game over my lunch break and spent about 10 [...]

My First Moleskine

Over the last year I have heard references made to Moleskine and their life altering variety of notebooks. Last week I got one, not knowing exactly how I would use it. My first model is the ruled Moleskine of the pocket sized persuasion. So far I have used it to jot a couple of notes [...]

Lumosity Upgrades

One of my favorite brain strengthening website has upgraded with some great new features. I’ve blogged about my affection for before and they are wooing me even more with Two new games Word Bubbles – a verbal fluency task Chalkboard Challenge – a numerical reasoning task Brain Performance Index From the site: Check your [...]

10 Math Tips For Your Head

I’ve always had a hard time with math in my head. I just have so much trouble keeping track of all the numbers floating around in my head. comes to my rescue with 10 great tips for calculating in your head. Until now, I never understood how my friends were multiplying by nines with [...]

Geek Brain: Lumosity

Brain health has become increasingly important to me in recent months. I’ve come to realize that I don’t use mine nearly as much as I could. Several months ago I received an invitation to join the beta testing program for a website called Lumosity. Lumosity provides brain exercising games via Flash and tracks your progress [...]