Shut it down!

Hello! Just a quick note about the state of this blog. I’m shutting it down.


I’ve got a lot of other projects that I am working on and all this blog does is remind me that at one point I thought I might have something interesting or original to say on a consistent basis. The fact is I don’t and, frankly, I am too busy hustling and trying to feed my babies to keep up a blog. Especially one founded on as lofty goals as this one. I wish I’d had more time to write about the 12 Week Body Transformation program that my buddy and I did last year. The amount of food I was eating and time in the gym was insane and I got satisfactory results and am stronger for it. I might also have told you about losing 30 pounds in three months and more fun projects. But time has not allowed it.

Oh! Way to go Palin, so you’re a quitter now?

You bet I am. I’m ridding myself of one of the many voices in the back of my head that is screaming, “Hey! You should blog about that!” or, “Hey, you have not written at in a while and you actually get some traffic there! Just make something up, it does not matter!” Go read Seth Godin’s, The Dip and learn to quit.

Cool, so you’re insane too. What are you working on?

More of the same. My day job as a designer, my night job as a freelancer, my weekend job as a dreamer and hustler of dreams. If you’re really interested you can keep an eye on some of my web presences and projects:

Are you taking down the blog?

No. Why should I? It gets traffic, has some articles I’d like to keep for my own reflection, and I assume other people read them from time to time. I already pay for hosting anyway.

Your domain name is pretty cool, will you sell it to me?

Please. It’s not that cool. And yes I will. Get in touch with an offer if you’re interested.

So really, this is it?

For now. If for some reason I decide that blogging really is the game for me, I may jump back in. In the mean time, go read something great like:

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.

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Ha, looks like I found your blog just as you finished it!

Oh well. I have had to quit blogs too because of other projects.

You could always try selling the blog on Flippa, I have had past success with blog auctions so it could work out.

Hope your other projects do well,


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