The Bullet: Nose Hair Remover Review

This is how it's done, boys.

This is how it gets done, boys.

*WARNING* If you know me, work with me, interact with me on a regular basis and you would rather not hear about my nose hair, see photos of my nose hair or read about how I got rid of my nose hair then you don’t want to read this post. Move along.

A few weeks ago I was on the Art of Manliness forum seeking advice for a nose hair trimmer. Nose hair is something that I’ve gradually noticed becoming a part of my life over the last couple of years, but recently it has become more of an irritation to me because my wife is now noticing it and it bothers her and it has started tickling. This being my first time to deal with the issue of nose hair, I went to my favorite source for all things manly, The Art of Manliness, looking for a solution that did not involve tweezers, scissors or that scary freaking electric hoob-a-joob that I see at the department stores.

Enter Al Dickman and The Bullet, the ultimate nose hair trimmer. Al provided a solution on the forum in the form of a pitch for his product. I was sold in an instant and quickly added it to my holiday wish list. Why did I take to it so quickly without even trying it?

Before The Bullet

Before The Bullet

Soon after posting that The Bullet would be a welcome addition to my stocking, Al contacted me about sending me one in return for writing this review and reporting back to the chaps at the forum on my experience. I used the Bullet the night I received it. Here are my first impressions:

After getting acquainted with my new nose hair trimmer I nervously positioned myself in front of the mirror and prepared myself for an experience completely alien to me. The Bullet works by holding the top cylinder with one hand and twisting the bottom cylinder back and forth to engage the blades. The movement was very smooth thanks to a small amount of lube between the cylinders.

I quickly found out that you can’t just stick it in and twist to get the job done. No. To properly trim my nose hair required a bit more thought. I found the best results were had when I gently placed the blade guards against the skin of my nostrils and then turned the cylinders. After a short amount of practice I had succeeded in removing most of the offensive hair creeping out of my nose. The documentation warned me not to expect a cleanly shorn nose which makes sense since the whole point of nose hair is to keep you from breathing in saw dust or whatever else might be in the air.

When I finished using the bullet I brushed out the hair using my badger brush but a tooth brush will work too. The only maintenance it will ever need is a bit more lubrication later on. Easy work.

After The Bullet

After The Bullet

After showing the results to my wife, I felt confident that The Bullet had done it’s job. It was painless and will become easier the more I use it, which will be more and more often as I get older. But that’s okay, the craftsmanship displayed in The Bullet will insure that it is with me until I croak or become so old that I don’t give a crap about nose hair. And in the case that I lose it, I know I can replace it for only $35. Not a bad price for something that once you start using it you’ll never stop.

No batteries! No plucking, scissors or electric motors in your nose! Small size. Well constructed. Easy to maintain and clean. Well priced.

Small enough to lose (but it comes with a case). More expensive than what you can get at a department store. May take some practice (but doesn’t everything?).

Price: $35

Where to buy:

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First time reader of your blog here. Love the material I see so far. And by the way this a great article filled with tons of useful information….unlike most blogs today.

While I do not yet struggle with nose hair at the moment, I know my time is coming. I will add this post to my library and note the Bullet as the instrument to buy when my time does indeed come.

Thanks for the review Eric!

I think I will order one now. (BTW… 27! Just wait ’til you’re an old fart like me. You’ll have hair sprouting out all over the place!)

(AoM forum)

I though the purpose of having a mustache was so that people couldn’t see where your mustache ended and your nose hair begins? Just FYI, please, don’t post your review on leg waxing kits, I don’t know if I could take it.

I have mine waxed. Sounds crazy, but the results are head and shoulders above any trimmer I’ve ever used.

Waxed? You’re kidding, right? I knew they did things differently on the West Coast but that’s nuts! If you are serious, I imagine the results last longer than a trimmer. However, since you are basically plucking the hairs, it still leaves you at risk for infection. Thanks for stopping by :-D

No joke! The results do last longer, and it’s not as painful as it sounds. Honestly I never thought about infection.

Dont wax man thats like crazy stuff, nose hair serves a purpose never remove it all, if you’ve ever laid insulation in your roof or been to a really smokey pub you’ll realise that nose hair keeps all this stuff from your lungs.

Trim, honest its the only way!!

This brand is quite beneficial in quality and price. It’s reasonable.

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