StopForwarding.Us at OpenBeta

Last Thursday I demoed StopForwarding.Us at OpenBeta, a technology “un-conference” held in Oklahoma City. The event drew a crowd of 120 designers, developers and entrepreneurs from the state of Oklahoma into one venue where they could share ideas, demo their projects and discuss future collaboration not to mention mingle.

My demo drew many visitors with a ton of tallents. I hope to get to know them better and possibly draw on them for the future development of StopForwarding.Us and other projects.

My biggest surprise of the evening and one that I am proud of is that StopForwarding.Us received the award for “Most Enterprise Potential.” I’m glad that there are others out there who see potential in the service the site provides and am flattered that I was chosen for the award. Part of the prize is that I get to take StopForwarding.Us to the Innotech show floor next week! If you are in town and you’re a fan of the site or you’ve been sending me hate mail and would like to put a knife in my ribs, please stop by!

My thanks to all who stopped by and said hi, the pannel who awarded me and Derrick Parkhurst for putting the event together!

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Congrats on the award Eric!

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