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Jul 08 2008

TrueLemon: A Soda Alternative

Posted by granata

Tonight I was going through some old starred items in Google Reader and came across an article at Lifehacker about alternatives to soda. I’ve gotten a little nuts with the Diet Dr. Pepper lately so I gave it a read. There is nothing groundbreaking in the article but it did remind me of something worth mentioning.

I’m a sucker for free samples and months ago I signed up for samples from True Lemon. True Lemon makes crystallized powders from lemon, lime and orange juice that come in sweetener type packets. When I got my samples in the mail I added the powder to a beer (pretty good), a diet soda (good, but not really the point), to water (good again) and I sprinkled the lime over popcorn once with some chili powder (awesome).

These little packets make a bottle of water a lot more interesting and they do it without artificial sweetener. The flavors are very natural and bright tasting. As an added bonus, you can take them to restaraunts and use them in your beverage instead of having a sketchy, potentially filthy, lemon wedge floating in your drink. So, if you’re a sample junkie like me or are looking for an alternative to soda, check out that article and then visit True Lemon’s website.

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