Welcome Readers of Art of Manliness

If you’re visiting for the first time from the blog carnival (Manival) happening at Art of Manliness, then welcome to GetGeekStrong.com. There aren’t a whole lot of articles yet on this blog so take a quick look, you might find something interesting or enlightening.

I like to blog about entrepreneurship, parenting (from the perspective of a newcomer), marriage and anything that will help me get “Geek Strong” which is how I think of my holistic approach to general health which includes mental, physical, financial, relational and spiritual health.

GetGeekStrong.com is one of many projects that I work on in my spare time and I must admit that contributing to the Manival pushed me, in a good way. Perhaps with events like these and the gentle encouragement of my wife to write more (an old passion of mine) articles will come more regularly.

My thanks to Brett at Art of Manliness for the opportunity. His blog is like a much needed drink of water in an internet wasteland.

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I DID come from Brett’s website, cause I am always curious who reads the same blogs that I do, and your domain name interested me. I am looking forward to browsing your site, and just thought I would say HI.


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