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Dec 04 2007

Brain Challenge Released for iPod

Posted by granata

Gameloft has released Brain Challenge for iPods. Brain Challenge is a brain exercising game in the same category as the Nintendo DS franchise, Brain Age or Lumosity. The game makes a modest edition to your iPod’s game library at a little over 33mb.

I purchased the game over my lunch break and spent about 10 minutes with it before I had to get back to work. Upon first launch you are given the opportunity to play 5 mini-games to set your baseline for brain activity. I ranked in at 7% and I’d be interested in knowing where everyone else ranked initially. I rushed through the instructions and so the scales game through me for a loop. Fortunately there is a training mode that allows you to play through your unlocked games (more are unlocked as you improve) without hurting your overall score.

I look forward to pooping playing exercising with this piece of software more. I’ll also mention that recently I had been drooling over the Nintendo DS Lite and Brain Age so I am glad that this $5 solution has come my way.

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One Response to “Brain Challenge Released for iPod”

  1. Krystal Says:

    I just got a 7% too so don’t feel bad.

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