Lumosity Upgrades

Lumosity LogoOne of my favorite brain strengthening website has upgraded with some great new features. I’ve blogged about my affection for before and they are wooing me even more with

A compelling upgrade for sure. They even offered me a deep discount again as a thank you for beta testing. If you have not yet tried out Lumosity, give it a go today. They offer a free 30 day trial.

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I have been using the Lumosity site for about ten days now. I hit 52 this year and figured I better use it or lose it. The games definately are great mental exercises. I have been steadily improving on them. I love the mental stretch. They do a good job on working out the old rusty brain cells.

I have an overall BPI of 1456!
every single one of the subtests I have taken besides moneycomb (1357) I have at least a 140 (which is supposed to be 99th percentile) I have a 1578 on color match! 1534 on word bubble, 1513 on monster garden 149 on memory match etc.
I have played about 2 weeks now, 5 sessions a day
I started at 1235 after basic training I wonder if they have composite score percentile rankings anywhere?

*at least a 1400* sorry *1492 on Memory Match*

Yeah, the percentile figures they have don’t make sense – because they don’t give anything to measure them against. If I change my age around in my profile, the percentiles make no sense at all. 90 Percentile can mean high percentile or low percentile – meaning stupid or smart – depending upon the context. They should give a clear chart and context on their website.

Since Luminosity made up the term BPI (Can’t find it elsewhere on the web) then they should provide several pages of info explaining bpi in detail. If everything on their site is correlated to BPI, then I want to know what BPI really is.

@berrie: the percentile is for from 5 years younger to 5 years older than your age. So if you change your age, it will change.

Percentile means what it typically does: your bpi is higher than that percentage of people.

lol berrie, bpi is brain performance index, just a rip off bmi(body mass index). But what it is is self explanatory. I mean your brain performance is how well you do in the game and indexed just means its standardized based onhow well others have done. They do in fact say that percentile is based on how much better you are, ie 31st would be better than 31% of people in your age range.

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