Where did I go?


Thank you for coming back despite my horid blogging habits. It turns out that I suck at blogging. It doesn’t matter why I’ve missed posting, what does matter is how I plan on approaching this blog for the time being.

I started this blog hoping to document my 12 week journey on the Body-For-Life fitness program. I am happy to report that, even though I am not blogging regularly about it, Body-For-Life is doing well for me. I’ve lost over 12 pounds at this point and I am getting stronger as well. I feel great. I still plan on blogging about my experience but I will no longer make empty promises about daily postings. This is my revised plan for this blog:

So that is the plan for now. This blogging thing is new to me and as much as I desire to be a good blogger, I also desire to stay focused on other things like my family, my day job and other revenue streams. Perhaps, someday, I’ll get good at this.

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